Paper Hibiscus

Even in sunny southern california, summer has slipped away into November, and it’s become harder to see tropical flowers in bloom. One of my favorite flowers is the hibiscus, and it’s always a bummer when the season for them passes.

This is my inspiration picture:

(found on wondersoftea)

I’ve been buying bundles of colored tissue paper because I need the sea foam and light green included, but I always have the pink and purple left over. To use up the pink, I looked for a way to make a hibiscus flower entirely out of tissue paper.

I added the speckles with a thin marker, thinking that it might be pretty (the peach was supposed to be lighter)…and then realized that they didn’t look right. Haha. Maybe you think it’s fine…but ignoring that, I think it came out pretty good (:

I found two ways to emulate the crinkled/veined texture of hibiscus flowers…
1. wet the edges/tips of each petal with a paint brush and allow to dry.
2. just crunch the paper in your hand and roll it a bit (easiest way)

Just a warning. If you choose to do the second, make sure you don’t do it waaaay too much or it’ll come out looking a little too wrinkled. I think that, next time, I’ll probably scrunch a bit less.


Needed: colored tissue paper, marker, glue
>Cut five flower petal shapes:

Now, I used pink, but any color of your choice will do.
You should cut small waves into the rounded edge, to simulate the ridged effect.
Then, arrange the five petals so that it’s laid out in a fan shape, except each one overlapping the other a bit (I just stack them on top of each other and then spread them out in a fan). The pointy tips should be overlapping, but it doesn’t have to match up perfectly. Then, gather up the tips, keeping the fan shape, and twist the ends together. Make sure the petals now stay together without falling apart if you let go of it. If the twist holds, fold down the poems, arranging them into the hibiscus flower shape.

The stamen is made from a long piece tissue paper, twisted into a “rope.” I glued the stamen to the center with a glue stick. The yellow pollen is made from yellow tissue paper (a scrap piece I had lying around), cut up into little bits. Apply glue to the end of the stamen, and roll the stamen on a pile of the little bits of yellow paper. I actually think that wet glue would be better for adding the pollen.

Now for the final details, take your desired colors of marker, and decorate/color as desired. I used a peach colored, thin marker for the spots on the petals’ edges, and a red marker for the center.

aaaand you have a beautiful paper flower. I think these would be really cute for the colorful, unique bride. You can arrange them into an amazing centerpiece, wear them in your hair, or make them into boutonnieres/corsages.

Thanks for reading!

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